I Can No Longer Be Silent About It

I rarely watch television.

Luckily for me, we do get the Food Network, HGTV and several other channels that are on high band stations.
The Voice  and Touch are two programs that brought me back to the network after I was not so happy with this years American Idol.

Here is what my beef is…pardon the pun…

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Think of Jerry Springer when you watch the episode…they fight, they argue, they yell at customers, he finds rotten foods, he redoes the menu (No longer shows you how to make them) , they almost do not make it through opening night…then pull it off at the last dramatic second.  They go from hating him to loving him…end of program.

At least Bobby Flay has not gotten like that in his series http://www.foodnetwork.com/throwdown-with-bobby-flay/index.html

This one is one of my favorites cause it features all the famous chefs and where they like to eat:  http://www.foodnetwork.com/the-best-thing-i-ever-ate

Ok so now I will get off of my soap box and head back to my own kitchen to see what I can create…thank you for listening…

What is your concerns with TV Cooking…What are your likes?

Would love to hear from you….

Tammye Honey


11 thoughts on “I Can No Longer Be Silent About It

  1. I am a big American Idol fan but I have not been as big of fan since Simon left. This year the judges are even worse but I like that the contestants can pick their own songs

  2. I rarely watch American Idol anymore, I did the first season and that was it. I’m not a big reality show kind of person. But cooking shows, I have tried the recipes a few times when I’ve watched and they turn out right about half the time. They are fun to watch though and learn new things.

  3. Cooking shows, after watching Masterchef 1and 2, turned me off unless they are fun and light. The amount of pressure that they put people under completely turned me off cooking!


    • There are a few out there that are very informative and very inspirational on the food network once you weed through the challenge ones lol…keep the faith…and cook on dear friend… 🙂

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