Since Pasta Salad was Finished, Here is an Easy to Make Dinner

Thought I would do an easy to make dinner to go with it of something that I knew would get hubby away from the computer and come into kitchen with his nose leading the way…

Smart Steamer to the Rescue

This is a great must have in any kitchen…Dr. Oz was smart to endorse this on his December segment…wish I had been in that audience cause I did not get a free one like they did…

Frozen Peas Any Brand


I do not even notice what brand as I shop for the ingredient list so that it is strictly that item in the bag due to allergies…

Sesame Oil

This is the only way that my hubby will eat peas and I make sure to place the peas above the fish so the sesame oil drips onto the fish prior to going into the water…adds a little flavor and activates the garlic and seasonal on the fish….

The water afterwards

The water is the only place that the microwave hit in this Smart Steamer the food is untouched by them.

Dinner is served

Hope you enjoy and the Smart Steamer goes right into the microwave along with the plates and forks…easy clean up…



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