Extra Fiber Smoothie

Something as simple as adding fresh grapes and strawberries to yogurt is all you need to do to get a little extra fiber into your diet and wow is it filling too!

A secret to hulling the strawberries really fast…

The flat end of a Tupperware citrus peeler… most Tupperware Consultant’s will give you one free with a purchase. Or if you attend a party ask for one…

We actually have extra in our store that we sell as extras to customers who lose theirs lol…

While I am at it … did you know that leaving your grapes in the bag like this causes them to not stay as fresh…

Separating and storing will help them last twice as long…removing the leaves from the strawberries also helps them last longer.  If you are storing in the fridge smart container remember that for fruit both tabs are closed…just in case you can’t read the side panel or your container for some reason does not have the chart…

Using the low fat yogurt my hubby can not taste the difference.

I simply popped the fruit in my chopper and pulled the cord then added the yogurt and the two of us had lunch.

Hope this was a cool and easy recipe for you to enjoy.

Tammye Honey

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